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February 27, 2012
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Kate knew that there was something amiss the moment she stepped through her front door.  Something was different and it set the hairs on the back of her neck on edge. She closed the door behind her and dropped her bag gently on the floor, edging very slowly along her hallway.

"Who's there?" she called. "I'm warning you, I'm armed!"

Silence was her only response.

Pressing against the left wall, Kate edged closer along its edge until she could see her living room.  It was as she had left in the morning, except now the curtains were closed and the late afternoon sun beaming through cast the room in a soft warm light.

"Last chance," she said, "I'll kick your ass and then call the police!"

For a moment there was only silence and stillness; then a voice whispered from behind her.

"Oh come on now, is that any way to treat an old friend?"

Kate shrieked, spun wildly and staggered backwards only to find a blue skinned daemon standing grinning in front of her front door, its arms folded across its chest and it had four large tentacles waving gently behind it.  Its eyes glowed like fiery rubies in the gloom of the hall way but the smile on its face was kind and mischievous.

"Feathers!" Kate yelled. "You idiot, you scared the living daylight out of me!"

The daemon chuckled. "I would say I'm sorry but it would be a lie," he said.

"If I put a boot in your crotch, you'd be sorry."

Feathers nodded and then shrugged.

"What are you doing here?!" said Kate.

"I came to see you," he said.


Feathers smiled and drew a large, fluffy looking feather from behind his back. He swished gently in front of her. "Oh you know," he said, "just for laughs."

Kate gulped and felt the first blush warm her cheeks. "Um, no thanks," she said. "I have work to do, stuff that can't wait!"

Feathers nodded and walked towards her slowly. "Sure you have," he said, "but nothing that can't wait until I've tickled you senseless!."

Kate backed up a few steps. "I'll fight you!" she said, grinning.

"I would expect nothing less," said Feathers, unperturbed. "In fact, I was expecting such a response, so that is why I'm going hold you nice and tight with my tentacles…so you can fight as much as you like…but it won't do you any good."

Kate's grin widened. The idea of being tickled was a curious one for her; very much a love hate scenario, but still the prospect of being trapped in those tentacles and being tickled mercilessly was giving her butterflies.

"You'll have to catch me!"

"Then you'd better start running, tickly Kate…"

Laughing, Kate turned and bolted out of the hallway and through the living room.  She leapt over the couch and made for the back door which led from her kitchen to the fire exit.  If only she could make through the kitchen without getting nabbed then she would be home free.

The thrill of the chase filled her with adrenaline, making the rush of it all that sweeter. Her pulse raced and the smile was etched firmly on her face but all the while she knew that Feathers would be right behind her.

She was half way through the kitchen when she felt a tentacle wrap about her wrist. It took a firm but gentle hold and tugged her back, almost pulling her off of her feet. Resisting the wild panic and the fluttering butterflies in her gut, Kate spun around, clutching a pan from the surface and slammed it down hard on the tentacle. It released her and a bemused 'ow' came from the living room.

"Hah!" she called. "You'll have to do better than that!"

Wasting not another moment, Kate hurried on through the kitchen.  Out the corner of her eyes she saw even more tentacles filling the kitchen space in search of her.  She turned and saw the back door just ahead of her. Her freedom was only a few meters away.  A surge of triumphant joy filled her.

But the feeling wilted quickly.

Suddenly the back door opened and in stepped the grinning figure of Gedan; tulip red hair, luxurious looking brown fur, startlingly bright emerald eyes – caught in a stunning black wrap dress. She purred happily.

"Hello Kate," she said.

Kate tried to stop but her feet were moving to fast for her to stop. She stumbled and fell forward only to be caught gently about the shoulders by Gedan.

"Um…hi," said Kate.

Gedan gave a cute giggle. "You ok, hun?" she asked.

Kate grinned. "Sure," she said, "I just need to get away from your blue daemon boy! He's just behind me!"

Gedan shook her head. "Oh no, sweetie," she said, "he is in fact right behind you."

Kate had a moment for the panic to register and for her to pull slightly away from Gedan, before she felt tentacles, cool and strong, wrap gently about her wrists and ankles. She was caught!

"No! Not fair! Two against one is cheating!"

The tentacles lifted Kate gently into the air and held her fast. She struggled as much as she could but nothing she did could stop the daemon lifting her off of her feet. Gedan purred a little louder, watching on, as they starting pulling Kate back through the kitchen.

"Get off me you blue butted idiot!"

"Easy now," soothed Feathers. "There really is no need for such coarseness."

"Ha!" said Kate, still struggling. "You think that's coarse?!"

Kate took that moment to unleash a tirade that turned the air as blue as the daemon's skin and showed Feathers and Gedan just timid her initial outburst had been.  It made them giggle.  

"Such colourful and imaginative language," called Feathers. "She's quite the potty mouth, isn't she sweetie?"

Gedan nodded and started following Kate. "Oh yes," said Gedan, "she is quite the fighter, my love. I'm looking forward to seeing how long her temper lasts once we've settled her down with some nice…gentle…tickles."

Kate blushed but managed to latch the finger of both hands around the edge of a doorway.  For a moment, she stopped herself and hung in the doorway.

"I'm not going anywhere!"

Gedan approached and stood so close that their faces were almost touching. She smiled and purred, a sweet mix of signals for anyone to see but even more so when you were fingertips away from a maddening, tickly fate.

"Why do you fight?" Gedan asked. "Won't you feel better when you're all snug in his
tentacles, those heavy socks and shoes lying forgotten and my sweet little fingers tickling your toes?"

Kate bit her lip but the blush in her face was telling.

"And what about those sweet little ribs of yours, mm?" said Gedan. "Wouldn't it feel so nice to have them lightly, helplessly, tickled?"

"Shaddap!" snapped Kate.

Gedan giggled. "How's your grip sweetie?" she teased. "Slipping?"

Kate looked up and saw that the gentle pressure being exerted by Feathers' tentacles was slowly pulling her fingers from the doorframe. She was slipping and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Would you like a little help?" Gedan asked.

Kate swore.

"Tsk, tsk tsk."

One by one Kate's fingers started slipping from the doorframe and all the while Gedan stood there, smiling, humming happily.  When the final finger slipped and Kate was once more being pulled through the kitchen, Gedan a little giggle and wave that send fresh waves of desperation through Kate.

In moments Kate was back in her living room. Feathers the daemon was kneeing in the middle of the living room and with Kate held tight in his grip, he lowered her onto the floor front of him. Her legs were kept straight before her while her arms held out to the side.

"There now," said Feathers, "was that so bad?"

"Bite me!"

Gedan appeared and knelt at Kate's feet. With delicate care and soft hum in her throat, she undid Kate's laces and tugged the shoes from her feet, one foot at a time. Next Gedan rolled each sock off and with a casual flick, sent them to the other side of the room.

"Ooh," Gedan teased, "such cute little feet, I just have to tickle them!"


"Go ahead sweetie," said Feathers, "give them a likkel tickle – Kate doesn't mind, not really."

"Oh no, don't do that you fu—aahahah!!"

Gedan ran a single finger under the line of Kate's toes and stopped her mid-expletive. Left foot first and then her right foot, Gedan stroked her long nails lightly back and forth, making Kat's toes wiggle helplessly.

"No umm ppphhfttt….aaaaahahaha….stop that!"


"Such soft, helpless ticklish feet," said Gedan, "my favourite."

Gedan started stroking lightly up and down Kate's arches with her nails, a gentle but persistent touch that made Kate jump but at the same time had her nerves screaming for more. Kate bit her lip, determined to hold back the storm of giggles rising from her gut.

"Come on now," teased Gedan, "why not let it out? I know this tickles and that you want to laugh. It's okay Kate…you don't have to worry…just let it out….come on, laugh for me."

Gedan's fingers, soft and sweetly tickling, picked up speed and drifted from Kate's arches to raking up and down the length of her soles.  Kate's eyes widened and spluttered laugh broke the seal of her lips.

"Neeehaahaha….no aah hahahaha….won't laugh…ahahahehehehaaaaa!"

"There we go…"


"Aw," said Feathers, "isn't that better Kate? Mm?"

Kate wanted to turn and verbally rip the daemon a new one, but she couldn't summon the words. The urge to speak and the urge to swear were completely overwhelmed by the thrilling and frustratingly pleasant tickling of her feet.  Her legs bucked and lifted but they could not get free and her feet, twisting and wiggling, remained obedient and helpless for Gedan's dancing fingers.

"Gaahaaaaawd! Stop! Aahahahahaa eehehahahahaaahah!!"

"Oh no sweetie," said Gedan, "I'm not gong to stop – not ever. I'm going to sit here and tickle your feet till you burst."

Kate let out a shriek and previously restrained laughter poured forth. "You're both dead! Aahahhaaaahah eehehehehahahaha!! Oooeeahahaha!!"

Gedan's tail started brushing across the tops of her feet, making the tickling on her soles even worse.

"It's not so bad," said Feathers, "to sit there, all snug and helpless with nothing to do but laugh for us?"

Kate managed to pull her tongue out at the daemon.

"I mean, be honest with me," said Feathers, "you actually like this don't you Kate?"

"Noooaahahahaha eehehehahahahahahaaaaa!"

Gedan giggled and plucked a pair of soft looking feathers from the back of her dress and started swishing them between Kate's toes. Soft and delicate, they sawed torturously before twirling and swishing down her soles.


"Come on Kate," teased Gedan, "you can tell me…you want to be helplessly tickled, don't you? It gives you a buzz to be like this?"

Kate shook her head, blushing and laughing, but defiant to give the blue bastard any satisfaction.  The helpless foot tickling was taking it out of her but the pair of them could choke on her giggles as much as they wanted, they'd never ever get her to submit.

"So defiant," said Gedan, both feathers tickling still.

"Impressive," said Feathers, "but I think I know how to handle this."

Kate's eyes widened; a horrible knowledge of what was coming next. She shook her wildly and struggled anew while fighting for breath.

"Here it comes…"

Kate froze for a moment when felt cool hands fall onto her ribs. "Nooo," she cried, "Nooooaaahaha!!"

"Tickle, tickle…"

When Kate first felt those fingers dig and brush between her ribs, she bucked up and off the floor with a shriek of laughter. A moment later the fingers brushed again and again, tickling and digging gently.


"Ah," sighed Feathers, "there we are."

"Mm," said Gedan, stooping to lick the tops of Kate's toes while swishing the feather up and down her soles. "I think we've found her little sweet spot, sweetie."


The ribs – Kate's best and worst of spots.  She bucked and writhed and laughed, utterly helpless to fight the sensations that fired like electric shocks through her body.  Her laughs came out in long and loud helpless peals, turning her cheeks red with breathlessness and blushing ticklishness. She fought it as best she could, but the fingers in her ribs undid her completely.


"I very much doubt that," said Feathers, chuckling.

"Me too," said Gedan, licking lightly.

"But it's okay," said Feathers, "you can just hang here, safe in the knowledge that Gedan and I will give you all the sweet and helpless tickles you could ever want."

Kate's blush deepened.

"All you have to do is admit that you love it," teased Gedan.

Kate shook her head.

"Take your time," said Feathers, "we have all day. We're just going to stay here and tickle you softly till you tell us what we want to hear."

"Never!" Kate cried.

"Hush now," said Gedan, "laugh for us, sweetie, tickle tickle."

And so, as the late afternoon turned to early evening and eventually crawled towards midnight, sounds of helpless laughter roared from Kate's apartment. They came in breathy gasps and long peals, giving hints of tender torment and ticklish delight being given. Safe and snug in unshakeable bonds, Kate spent the rest of the day being tickled by two who knew it like no other.

Fingers in ribs and feathers on toes, but did Kate ever crack? Well only one person knows.

This is a little story for the awesome :iconhomunculuslover: :) :)

I'd discussed the idea with first, of course, and she'd been tickled pink with the idea so here it is. I do hope you all enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it. :)

Comments good and bad please!

Thanks for this bud! You're awesome!! :)
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You're a really great writer, you know that? In fact, I think you should continue writing tickling stories. I loved this concept about two daemons being pitted against Kate, as well as how Gedan is teasing her about the whole thing and remaining calm and casual at the same time. The dialogue and actions of each character give them a lot of personality and make them seem more realistic.

The only thing I might suggest is try giving some of the characters, like namely the person(s) being tickled a description of what they're wearing to create a better mental image of the whole thing. Also, try adding some detail to some actions to make them more detailed. It's better to show, rather than tell, at times. You don't always have to do it, but it's a good thing to remember.

Aside from those suggestions, I think this is an overall excellent story, and I think you should continue writing stories!
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BrainyxBat Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't know why, but I like to read this part multiple times:

"Gedan approached and stood so close that their faces were almost touching. She smiled and purred, a sweet mix of signals for anyone to see but even more so when you were fingertips away from a maddening, tickly fate.

"Why do you fight?" Gedan asked. "Won't you feel better when you're all snug in his 
tentacles, those heavy socks and shoes lying forgotten and my sweet little fingers tickling your toes?"

Kate bit her lip but the blush in her face was telling.

"And what about those sweet little ribs of yours, mm?" said Gedan. "Wouldn't it feel so nice to have them lightly, helplessly, tickled?"

"Shaddap!" snapped Kate."

Plus, for some reason, I always imagine Max from The Lion King 1 1/2 (I don't know if you've seen it) in Kate's place. He's the kind of guy that would fight back like she is. XD
Feathers01 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hehehe, it is a good section!  Thanks for you comment!!! Glad you enjoyed the story!
BrainyxBat Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. :D And NP. ^_^
HomunculusLover Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Its always nice to come back to this story to give it another read. I always appreciate such wonderful work. <///< 
Feathers01 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:) Thank you hon! :)
HomunculusLover Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hope you're doing well my friend. Also, don't know if I have you on Skype. Its been a while. << And I never know who's who on there these days.
Feathers01 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm doing well, thanks but really busy! Haha! I hope you are well too! Im not on skype yet but I'm hoping too! Got so much writing to d! Hehehe.
ScorpioGirl22 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
Wonderfully written.  I love how you can practically feel the emotion in it. :)  I love how you describe different parts of the story as well, and I love how you have written the laughter.  It is no fun to read stuff like "she laughed hard" throughout the entire story.  I really admire your writing. ^^
Feathers01 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for your words! I'm thrilled you liked it so much! Such comments keep me writing!
ScorpioGirl22 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
Your welcome ^^  I look forward to reading more of your writing. :D
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